It gets better– No, really– It does

Life is hard.  Harder than any storybook or movie.  Harder than anyone really cares to talk about. Because it’s scary. Once we let our guard down and admit that we’re all really going through the same things, we become vulnerable.  And we hate that, because it’s terrifying. And we have to show the world that we’re strong and unafraid.  But it’s true that we’re all facing the same things.  We all deal with it differently.

I’ve had my fair share of sadness in my life.  I was a lucky one. I had friends I could share anything with.  I had a community that I could relax and be myself with,  and I could lean on them when I needed to. We’re not all so lucky. So we turn to different sources of escape. For some it’s substance abuse,  others it’s food, others it’s pain. For others it’s writing or painting, dancing or singing,  for some it’s exercising. We search for something in our lives that we can control,  and make do with whatever we can. But guys, it’s still not easy,  and sometimes it’s hard to move with the whole world resting on your shoulders.  But guess what: it gets better.

It’s hard to believe when everything is falling apart around us. It’s hard to believe when nothing seems to make sense.  It’s hard to believe when everything hurts. But hang in there. It gets better.  Do you know how I know?  Because I made it through my tough times. I’m not a good example? Fine. My family has. Your family has. All of my friends have.  Everyone you know has. Everyone,  and I mean everyone has felt it, or will feel like it, and they have, and they will make it through.

We all think nobody has ever felt the way we do today. But many of us have.  I promise you, we have.  So hold on. Hold on for the ride. Because it does (yes, really, it does) get better.


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